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Revised: 2003 April 17

Hi there Ė I am finally back from my big World Trip, lasted from March until the beginning of December, 2002.The trip started in Japan, and continued through most countries southwest until India, with a few stops in the Middle East and Europe.See the Itinerary link to see the approximate route I took.†† If youíd like to contact me please email me at

(pardon the difficulty in reading the email address; this web page is automatically scanned by spam mailers, and this is a method to foil such automated scanning attempts).


(this is a picture of me at the Phnom Penh riverfront in June of 2002)


**†††††††††† Summary: basically Iím an electrical engineer who has spent a lot of time in high-frequency electronics and wireless communications, in a mix between the commercial and aerospace fields.I have also worked with digital electronics and have done a lot of work with hardware (including PCB design). Since I have finished my travels, I am presently seeking a job.

**†††††††††† Here are links to my†††††††††††† .DOC Resume (MS Word format), .HTML Resume, or the inelegant but ever-reliable .TXT Resume (a resume is also known as "curriculum vitae" or "CV" which is Latin for "life story").



(no link here, but the hobbies are soccer, soaring, bicycling, traveling, and all manner of things technical)



** ††††††††† My (more-or-less accurate) 2002 travel Itinerary

**†††††††††† A large-scale Asia map (452 kB) with my route traced in red

**†††††††††† A large-scale world map (194 kB) with my route traced in red

**†††††††††† Currency exchange rates

**††† Visas: Visa requirements vary, and are not always as constrained or easy as indicated at the U.S. Government State Dept list of foreign entry requirements (link to State Dept. website).Useful travel information from other travelers is also available by means of the Lonely Planetís free traveler message posting service on their website, called the Thorntree.

**†††††††††† AVI Movie files: To those whom Iíve sent .AVI movie files, you might need to download an additional codec for your movie player application to view these movies properly.My camera, a Canon Powershot S110 Elph digital camera, records movies as a series of motion JPEG still pictures, and connects them together as a movie.This is not how most .AVI files are created (and played back), so there must be a special codec to be able to play back this format of movie.I have found two such codec applications for Windows: m3jpegV3.exe v3.0.0.9 (438 kB) available from Morgan Multimedia on a 60-day free trial basis, and†† PICVIDEO2.EXE (749 kB) available from Pegasus Imaging (on a free basis if you can put up with annoying lettering on the display screen - otherwise it's only $18). I have found the Pegasus Imaging product to work perfectly with Windows 98, whereas the Morgan product doesn't.††

Alternatively, you can convert the .AVI movie files to the smaller and more commonly-accepted MPEG format (as is commonly used in modern satellite television systems).There is a free converter called TMPGEnc Version 2.57 (1042 kB) and its project file, VFAPI plug-in for TMPGEnc project file (367 kB) available from (the Japanese company?) TMPGEnc.net.I havenít yet tried converting any files using this method, so do so at your own risk of wasting valuable time.

**†††††††††† If youíre in an Internet cafť abroad, how do you know how to change Windows settings when everything is in the local language?!!The most important thing to remember is CTRL-Shift will toggle between Roman and local alphabet characters. I took a few pictures of screen settings to show how to do a few things:


Windows_in_Chinese_step_1_how_to_make_secure_socket_layer_email_work_in_Win98(for secure email)

Windows_in_Chinese_step_2_how_to_make_secure_socket_layer_email_work_in_Win98(for secure email)


3-character_Extension_visibility_change_part_1 (104 kB)(e.g., making ".jpg" visible or not if you are renaming digital pictures)

3-character_Extension_visibility_change_part_2 (89 kB)


CF_card_reader_driver_installation_step_1 (57 kB)

CF_card_reader_driver_installation_step_2 (56 kB)

CF_card_reader_driver_installation_step_3 (59 kB)

CF_card_reader_driver_installation_step_4 (58 kB)

CF_card_reader_driver_installation_step_5 (59 kB)

CF_card_reader_driver_installation_step_6 (60 kB)

CF_card_reader_driver_installation_step_7 (52 kB)

** ††††††††† Some of the more interesting (and terrifying) things about many Asian countries are the traffic rules, or more accurately, the lack of them.If you keep your wits about you when crossing the street and stick to traveling in cars or busses, then you wonít have any problems as a traveler Ė Iíve been careful about this!Check out this article on the incidence of Asian accidents from the Taiwan newspaper the China Post: Asian_traffic_accidents_article_China_Post_2002May16.jpg